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And unfortunately, Apple doesn't have a Webcam Preference Pane in OSX.

The single best thing you can do that doesn't need any Mac webcam app at all is to improve your room lighting so the camera doesn't have to struggle under inadequate light.

One Apple compatible webcam effects and image adustment solution is a app called i Glasses from

It also provides alot of webcam effects to play with.

serves users from over 24 countries and hosts its websites in 15 languages.That means that using it comes with a huge warning: it might stop working properly at any time, and you can’t really complain about it if it does.With that out of the way, it’s worth getting to what i OS 11 does actually give you.The new update – which brings probably the biggest changes ever made to the i Pad, and some pretty major ones to the i Phone too – was unveiled at WWDC earlier this month.It brings proper multitasking to the i Pad, allowing people to easily do more than one thing at once and making the tablet into a proper, productivity-focused computer.