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Many of these dice were my originals, dating from the 1970s and 1980s, back when I was little older than Jack. All he knew was the game had something to do with dice, minis, orcs and killing stuff."This is Dungeons and Dragons," Jack then offered, spontaneously, with my i Phone camera trained on him. Give kids some open-ended toys and stuff to play with, and they make up their own games.

Jack, my older nephew who was 9 at the time, proceeded to arrange all the dice on one end of my living room floor, and the miniatures at the other. My younger nephew Henry (then 5) also created his own designs with the miniatures. "Well, the new verison."He called his new game "Dungeons versus Dragons," "dice versus mini characters," "figurines versus dies," and "flicking die." (FYI, I later learned that he was saying "flicking die" not another f-word-ing followed by the word "die.")Then, Jack began to play. OK, it was a pretty rules-lite version, if there were any rules at all.

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