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Food has always been a part of history, but the way it has been captured in cookbooks and the media has changed wildly over the years.

Different styles, techniques and aesthetics have emerged, changing how the art has played a role in our society.

In 1985, the Los Angeles Lakers won the world championship. The Golden State Warriors made 1,077 3-point shots [last season].

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The chain's present configuration is due to the collision between the microcontinent Iberia and the southwestern promontory of the European Plate (i.e. The two continents were approaching each other since the onset of the Upper Cretaceous (Albian/Cenomanian) about 100 million years ago and were consequently colliding during the Paleogene (Eocene/Oligocene) 55 to 25 million years ago.

And while the layer cake in between them is not the main subject of the photo, it "becomes a very physical barrier between the young men and the women—between black and white," she writes in the book.

Bright also discusses how food, especially "cookbooklets" and cookbooks, have been scribed and photographed in a certain way to sell a gender-focused lifestyle.

So the 3-pointer isn’t the answer to everything.”It’s hard to question someone who boasts of a resume such as the six-time MVP, but it’s also refreshing to learn how he acknowledges the game’s evolution dating back from his playing years.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should also be pleased with emergence of young centers today with a penchant for playing very well with their back to the baskets.