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Sure, there had been plenty of screen bad girls in the years preceding this New Wave classic, most famously the heroines and anti-heroines of Teddy Girls (1969).

But the swinging '60s-style sex and drugs encountered by that earlier generation was laughably coy compared with the bolder antics of Lonely Fifteen's lost schoolgirls.

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The narrative's weakest links are the melodramatic incidents "borrowed" from the German opus.The film is anchored and elevated by three electric performances from three first-time actresses: there’s Rainky Wai as deaf-mute Chiu (who earns cash with “compensated dating”), Kabby Hui as shallow rich girl Li (who likes rough boys from the wrong part of town), and Heidi Lee as Wai-wai (who’s dealing with a junkie mom).Moving as quickly as a kid scrolling through an i Pad, their characters are barely established before Li goes missing and Wai-wai and Chiu set out to find her.starts as one of those humdrum, realistic, slice-of-life Japanese dramas about a lonely, single father. In the 2010 general election the Sweden Democrats crossed the 4% threshold necessary for parliamentary representation for the first time.